We are writing in hopes of bringing to your attention a very recent and urgent political development regarding the struggling pro-democracy movement for Hong Kong, and providing you our insight and concept note of a new and revolutionary way to achieve that goal.


  • The pro-democracy camp in the Hong Kong Legislative Council and on the streets of Hong Kong have been losing ground due to suppression
  • The international front will play a more significant role in the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement in the coming years, due to the National Security Law and the specter of a new Cold War era.

Why shadow parliament?

As a matter of concerning the mass public rather than an individual, we will be holding a thorough public consultation before finalizing our plans for the Shadow Parliament. We are presenting this raw idea to you at a very early stage because at this very critical moment, we hope to provide new hope and vision for Hongkongers: to trigger their imagination, to think out of the box, and to keep the flame of democracy alive whilst the National Security Law jeopardizes any effective way to fight for freedom within the system in Hong Kong.

Who we are?

We are setting up a Secretariat to perform the public consultation. The Secretariat includes major stakeholders such as advocacy groups, prominent activists, political figures, and in particular, heavyweight scholars on legal studies or political science with experience of pro-democracy coordination in Hong Kong elections. Such scholars are in a more legitimate and neutral position to lead the public consultation campaign. At this moment, we have no strict timeline for the public consultation, in order to respect public opinion and provide ample opportunity for feedback.

Organisational Chart


What we want to achieve?




Our position

A non-official civic group which reflects the voice of Hong Kong citizens, rather than another form of governmental authority.

Our goals

  • We need a secure place to truly express the voice of Hong Kong people in a democratic way.
  • We need to continue ensuring a platform for Hongkongers-in-exile who have been banned from engaging in politics in Hong Kong.
  • We need to solidify and empower overseas Hongkongers, connecting them with local Hongkongers.
  • We recognize that the international front should be enhanced as an increasingly important force for change.
  • We need a free place to develop debate, governing skills, and democratic education for Hongkongers.
  • We seek to provide an alternative vision for Hong Kong, so even more Hongkongers can understand the issues behind the current Hong Kong government and system.
  • We will introduce a transparent, inclusive mechanism, providing checks and balances for the international front by ensuring they are accountable to the will of Hongkongers.
  • We need a platform with popular support so as to reinforce the legitimacy of Hong Kong activist groups.

Important Notes

We are not seeking to compete with Hongkongers who are fighting for democracy within the current Hong Kong political system. Instead, we will reinforce and support such efforts.

  • We are not asking Hongkongers to abandon plans to vote in Hong Kong elections. The Shadow Parliament exists in parallel to current political institutions.
  • We will not ask people to choose between Hong Kong elections, and Shadow Parliament elections. Rather, we seek to empower and enfranchise people by giving them another avenue to achieve further democracy in a safer and a more effective way.
  • Thank you very much for your kind attention and your strong support for the Hong Kong democracy movement thus far. We hope this letter is informative, and we look forward to updating you further regarding developments of the Hong Kong Shadow Parliament, and our efforts to establish true democracy in Hong Kong.